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Wide reach of coding classes made possible by Learn2Code.Live

How can Learn2Code.Live partner with my school?
Learn2Code.Live enables, enhances and supports coding programs at schools in a variety of ways, including -
  • Teaching complete courses through hands-on coding classes at in-school and after-school programs
  • Curriculum for a range of programming languages
  • Professional development workshops
  • Customized curriculum to integrate coding into core courses
  • Providing support to run tutorials or lab classes for hands-on programming
Below is a list of FAQ. Contact us to get started!

Who are Learn2Code.Live instructors?

Learn2Code.Live taps into computer science professionals, recent grads and students across universities to enable, enhance and support coding programs at schools via affordable turnkey solutions.

Is Learn2Code.Live service available in my city?

Learn2Code.Live services are delivered in live virtual classrooms and are available nationwide.

*Learn2Code.Live in-person services are available in a growing list of cities. Contact us if you are looking for in-person classes.

Does Learn2Code.Live run programs in-school, after/before-school and during summer?

Yes, Learn2Code.Live programs are delivered as in-school, after/before-school and summer programs.

Does Learn2Code.Live run professional development workshops?

Yes! Contact us with your professional development requirements.

Can my Computer Science teachers gain access to Learn2Code.Live computer programming curricula?

Absolutely! Contact us with your curricula requirements.

What grades do you teach?

Learn2Code.Live classes are offered for K-12 students.

Do my students need to know coding in order to take Learn2Code.Live course?

No, Learn2Code.Live’s coding curricula meet the needs of students at beginner to advanced level coding skills.

What is the duration of Learn2Code.Live programs?

Learn2Code.Live programs are customized to meet the needs of the school schedules. 

Does Learn2Code.Live run graded courses?

Yes, Learn2Code.Live also runs graded courses.

How much does Learn2Code.Live program cost?

Contact us to learn more about pricing structure.

How can I get started?

Contact us and we will get back to you on how Learn2Code.Live classes can come to your school.

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