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Learn2Code.Live's activity-based hands-on camps provide students a unique opportunity to learn and create with code! Every day of the camp students create and personalize activities, animations, games and projects that they connect with.

Learn2Code.Live's math camp develops math fluency while teaching digital literacy and coding, thereby taking the learning outcome to the next level!  

* Camp is capped at 6 students.
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"My son attended the online session for coding and he really enjoyed it. The instructor was very composed while teaching and was going in a very comfortable pace. He cleared all the doubts that my son had during the course. My son has now begun to have an interest in coding thanks to the way the session was conducted and we look forward to more such sessions from Learn2Code.Live. I strongly recommend Learn2Code.Live to aspiring young coders. Kudos to the team !!" 

- Swati A -


Exploring AI | Age 9+ | Fee: $209
Camp date: Monday from May 31 - Jun 4 
Camp day/time: Mon-Fri from1:00pm-2:55pm Pacific Time
We see AI all around us today. This hands-on camp demystifies AI and delves into  the fundamentals of AI and natural language processing. Students appreciate the applications of AI as we see them today and engage in training AI models to design and develop a series applications using sentiment analysis, speech recognition, image processing and more. 
* Coding Prerequisite: Introduction to Scratch Programming
* Device prerequisite:  Chromebook or laptop/computer

Python Programming | Age: 9+| Fee: $259
Camp date: Monday from Jul 19 - 23 
Camp day/time: Mon-Fri from11:00am-12:55pm Pacific Time
This hands-on camp introduces students to syntax-based programming and lays a sound foundation of programming fundamentals. Students engage in developing a range of fun programs including graphics, animations and games as they learn introductory level programming concepts. A camp project puts together concepts learned in the course.
* Coding prerequisite: None
* Device prerequisite:  Chromebook or laptop/computer