Live Online PD

Hands-on PD that equips teachers with condifence to integrate coding in their classrooms

Accepted by the CSTA as a Quality PD Opportunity

Learn2Code.Live PD on your School PD Days

Bring Learn2Code.Live PD to your school's PD days.

Connect and Engage with Coding!


Coding is fun when relatable. Bring to your school the coding PD that teachers and students relate to. Flexible schedule and fun learning experience designed to make an impact on the students.

“As someone who was new to Scratch, Learn2code.Live's training was a great introduction. Within a few days I no longer felt intimidated by programming and was ready to jump into more complicated projects. I was able to relate to coding and appreciate how it applied to my classes.” 

-Sean N, Art teacher, St Albans

PD Duration:

  • Scratch: 30 hours (5 days)

  • Python: 42 hours (7 days) 



  • $4,000 per day (capped at 22 teachers)

Year long learning available via monthly Saturday PD refresh and reflect sessions from 9:30am-11:30am Central on the second Saturday of from August-May. (Fee: $1,350 per month)

"Learn2Code.Live hosted one of the best PD’s I’ve attended as an educator. The Python PD with Math Integration for grades 6 – 8 was hands-on and immediately gave me ways to differentiate math instruction and keep students engaged while learning a new skill and reinforcing math concepts.  I was able to see the alignment of how the process of coding uses some of the same rules that apply in solving mathematical problems. This professional development was great because it equipped a math teacher with a new skill that can be taught to children who live in underserved  populations which adversely could change the trajectories of their lives. I would attend this PD every chance that I could get. Dr. Martin was a phenomenal presenter and his math background allowed for us to have fruitful conversations on how to integrate coding into my students' math learning."   

- Garry C, Middle School Math Instructional Coach, FPCS