Develop your dream games and applications under the guidance of motiavting instructors

Why Learn2Code.Live ?

  • Instructor-led live online engaging activity-based programs that students relate to and look forward to each week

  • Organized learning portal that keeps students engaged between classes

  • Programs led by motivating instructors with a passion for imparting computer science education at K-12 levels

One : One Classes | Class Duration: 55 minutes

  • Private lessons for Learn2Code.Live courses

  • Complete flexibility to set your schedule

  • Start any time

  • Includes AP CS tutoring and guidance on personal projects

  • Fee: $229 for 4 classes

Live Online Class Fromats

Semi-private Classes | Class Duration: 55 minutes

  • Two students with one instructor for Learn2Code.Live courses

  • Bring a friend or contact us to get paired with a student

  • Start any time

  • Fee: $189 per student for 4 classes

Camps | Camp Duration: 10 hours

  • Offered during school breaks (schedules on registration page)

  • Class size capped at 6 students

  • Fee: $369 per week 

Drop-in Group Classes | Class Duration: 2 hours

  • Offered over weekends (schedules on registration page)

  • Ideal for exploring interests

  • Class size capped at 6 students

  • Fee: $59

Try us out - Sign up for 1 one:one class

  • Private lesson for Learn2Code.Live courses

  • Complete flexibility - pick your time for the class

  • Includes AP CS tutoring and guidance on personal projects

  • Fee: $59 

  • Weekly debugging challenge to keep your coding skills sharp 

  • Receive access to weekly DebugIt activity on Learn2Code.Live's course portal

  • Solutions are published along with the next week's DebugIt activity

  • Fee: $14 per month 

* Ideal for students with prior coding experience

Weekly DebugIt Challenge

A Glimpse Into a Drop-in Group Class


Programs for all Experience Levels

Nail the Fundamentals and Build Expertise in Progamming



"My son took a daily 2hr Javascript Game Development class. He was pretty hesitant going in, but ended up really enjoying it. My son does a lot of Scratch programming so he was able to move fast on the Javascript learning and they went through the class material quickly and then moved on to more advanced stuff. The instructor was "really nice" in my son's own words. End result, my son would like to take more classes like this, which is great!"

Girl with Laptop


"I took the Introduction To Java Programming course and found it very engaging and enlightening. The instructor was knowledgable, taught very effectively and was very flexible and accommodating to my schedule. I know I will use the skills I was taught in the future."



"The classes are really fun and I learned a lot. I liked how the things I learned in coding applied to my math class at school. Also, the summer camps were great because they let me create something awesome in just a few days!"

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