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K-12 coding classes made possible by Learn2Code.Live

Is your organization looking to provide the best computer science education to its students?
Learn2Code.Live makes the best quality computer science education possible for organizations looking to equip students with coding skills by bringing experts and role models into after-school classrooms to teach computer science and coding skills.

Does Learn2Code.Live run programs after-school, during weekends and during summer?

Yes, Learn2Code.Live programs are delivered after-school, during weekends and during summer.

Who are Learn2Code.Live instructors?

Learn2Code.Live instructors are students and grads from top-tier universities.

Is Learn2Code.Live service available in my city?

Learn2Code.Live classes are delivered in live virtual classrooms and are available nationwide.

How does Learn2Code.Live work?

Learn2Code.Live classes are delivered in live online video classrooms. Students learn coding concepts and write computer programs to implement concepts under the guidance of instructors. Instructors promptly access students' screens during the class to provide help and ensure that students are learning and making progress. Homework designed with the purpose of reinforcing concepts ensure learning beyond class. Further, students design and implement a course project in their area of interest under the guidance of instructor. 

How many students can be there in a  class?

Learn2Code.Live classes are offered to groups of 10 students.

What grades do you teach?

Learn2Code.Live group classes are offered to students in grade 2 or above.

Do my students need to know coding in order to take your course?

No. Learn2Code.Live’s coding curriculums meet the needs of students at beginner to advanced level coding skills.

What is the duration of Learn2Code.Live programs?

Learn2Code.Live programs are offered at all coding skill levels and are customized to meet the needs of the students.

How much does Learn2Code.Live program cost?

Contact us to learn more about pricing structure.

How can I get started?

Contact us and we will get back to you on how Learn2Code.Live classes can come to your organization.

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