Binary Bracelet

Write the first letter of your name in binary
  • Find the first letter of your name in the binary decoder key below
  • Arrange eight beads in a bracelet to match the black and white pattern next to the first letter of your name
  • That's it! You have a bracelet that spells the first letter of your name in binary! You may do the same activity for your first name or full name and make a binary necklace!
Why is binary?
Binary (0 or 1) is the basic unit of information that computers understand. The code that you write finally gets converted into binary in order for computers to understand and execute them. The state of the switches in a computer are either on or off. This is represented in binary 0 or 1, yes or no, true or false. In your bracelet, black means 0 and white means 1.
Binary Decoder Key

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