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Live online integrated coding, AI and math programs for ages 5-18

Make the most of this summer and get a head start for the next school year

  • Curricula designed by teachers, tech enthusiasts and computer scientists and approved by CSforALL for standards alignment

  • Fun courses for coding and game design & development, including Scratch, Python, Java, Javascript, Unity and more

  • Classes led by passionate instructors recruited from top-tier universities such as Stanford, Berkeley, UCSD and more​​  

  • Year-round customized learning in student-centered in 1:1 classes from the comfort of home

  • Fun coding courses for kindergartners to college-bound students

  • Live online since inception with unmatched quality and learning experience!

The magic of coding lies in its potential to unlock creativity


Learn2Code.Live's thoughtfully designed immersive curricula nurture interest and provide opportunities for kids to create personalized real world projects.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

— Stephen Hawking

Young Female Student

Safe & Encouraging Learning Environment

Learn2Code.Live recruits instructors who are passionate about teaching the art of coding to young learners and combines it with proven pedagogy to provide student centered learning. Carefully selected from top tier universities in the US, the instructors undergo a thorough background check and monitoring to ensure a safe online learning environment for students. Further, Learn2Code.Live has mastered the art of live online teaching and trains instructors on its teaching methodology to attain high student engagement to pique interests of students and harness their creativity.

- Keren K -


"Fantastic. My son thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, and learned so much! Absolutely recommend. Very flexible, personal, and efficient. They will make it work for you."

A Peek Inside a Learn2Code.Live Drop-in Group Class

Learn2Code.Live for you

A place for students to explore their interests and create via convenient access to instructor-led live online coding classes. A complete K-12 computer science pathway that grows with the student. Set your schedule and start anytime!







Programs designed to introduce young learners to technology as creators rather than consumers

Robust Curricula and Personalized 1:1 Learning

Learn2Code.Live's students develop their dream applications, games, websites and more under the guidance of motiavting instructors in live online classes

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Learn2Code.Live offers complete K-12 computer programming pathway with personalized lessons that are often customized by its instructors to meet the students' specific learning objectives and interest areas.

Learn2Code.Live coding courses hone the fundmentals, build confidence among students and consistently challenge students to apply their own creativity to develop projects that are meaningful to them. 


The currently offered courses start at age 5 with block-based coding using MIT's Scratch Junior and Scratch programming interface. Student then transition to real world programming, web design & development, and AI courses using Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java and C++; and game design & development using Pygames and Unity.

Meet the founder and some of the instructors who make it happen!

Smita Shrivastava

Founder & CEO

Smita is a software industry veteran and an entrepreneur with two decades of experience in various technical and business roles at Silicon Valley technology companies. She is passionate about computer science education and founded Learn2Code.Live to enable opportunities for young students to learn coding and computational thinking, and use it as a tool to create their own amazing applications. She holds a Bachelors in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Computer Science from the University of California Santa Cruz, and MBA from INSEAD, France.

Amieya Prabhaker

UK Country Head

Amieya is a digital transformation leader with numerous FTSE 200 & Fortune 500 global client engagements. He is a technology evangelist and passionate about its adoption towards unlocking new business and learning capabilities. He has been a developer and led software teams to build high transaction eCommerce sites (Java, HTML), commodities and trading platforms, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and most recently, AI/ Data Science based Covid-19 dashboards for business clients. Amieya holds a Bachelors from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and MBA from Said Business School, Oxford.

Wesley W

Learn2Code.Live Instructor

Wesley is studying Computer Science and Engineering at University of California San Diego. "I teach Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, C++. I believe that computer science hides simple and easy to understand ideas behind foreign and confusing looking code, which makes it scary to learn. I enjoy breaking down code into the simplicity behind them and watching students realize that all the scary looking code on the screen makes perfect sense.

Richard C

Learn2Code.Live Instructor

Richard is studying Computer Science at Stanford University. "Teaching is awesome in that I learn as much as I teach, and oftentimes our different ways of thinking build off of each other. It's rewarding to see students make their way around difficult problems and their excitement as they come up with a solution. A wow moment once happened and I was blown away when a student essentially came up with their own logical way to think about the interior angle formula, solving a problem in a way I hadn't seen before." 

Tucker R

Learn2Code.Live Instructor

Tucker is studying EE and Computer Science at Rice University. "I love coding because it really feels like I can make anything if I put enough time into it, it really is a kind of modern day magic. I primarily teach Python but I have experience in everything from programming microprocessors in C all the way up to high-level web development frameworks in HTML/JS. My favorite part of teaching is helping students pursue their own projects. It is amazing to see when a student creates something they never thought they would be able to do."

Brandy N

Learn2Code.Live Instructor

Brandy is studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. "With practice, anyone can be good at programming, no matter their age or experience, and use it to make some pretty amazing things. I teach Python and Scratch. What I love the most about teaching are those “Eureka!” moments when students finally understand a concept and where the fun and beauty of code reveals itself best, and students are able to apply their own creativity to these concepts. I encourage anybody who is even the slightest bit interested in coding to give it a shot - like me, you might discover something you didn’t expect to find!

What parents, teachers and school administrators are saying

"My son attended the online session for coding and he really enjoyed it. The instructor was very composed while teaching and was going in a very comfortable pace. He cleared all the doubts that my son had during the course. My son has now begun to have an interest in coding thanks to the way the session was conducted and we look forward to more such sessions from Learn2Code.Live. I strongly recommend Learn2Code.Live to aspiring young coders. Kudos to the team !!"

 - Swati A -


"Learn2Code.Live program further developed our students' creativity. Using the program not only taught them coding but also critical thinking and reasoning skills that go beyond coding and support students in all subjects.”

 - Hattie M - 

Founder, Crete Academy 

“As someone who was new to Scratch, Learn2code.Live's training was a great introduction. Within a few days I no longer felt intimidated by programming and was ready to jump into more complicated projects. I was able to relate to coding and appreciate how it applied to my classes.” 

 - Sean N - 

Art Teacher, St Albans 

While the demand for computer science graduates is burgeoning, exposure to computer science among K-12 students is yet to catch up. Studies show that early exposure to computer science education builds computational thinking that boosts confidence of children to pursue computer science in higher grades or in college.  At Learn2Code.Live we are on a mission to enable access to computer science education to kids and teens across all grade levels anywhere.